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Horsesmiths Farm is located in the heart of the scenic Ozarks. There is land and beauty enough to nurture the soul of both man and horse. Our animals can roam free and natural. We lean on the gate and enjoy them, sometimes we call them in to work with us.


If you are interested in a breeding from Whitey's Bar (Why), we are currently offering only frozen semen  from Thayer MO. He is standling live cover in Ft. Worth TX. Check out Why's page for all the details.

February 2009
AQHA Smoky Cream/Perlino, Whiteys Bar, 90+% foundation breeding

We have an extensive genetics page on the site, explaining Smoky Cream, Cremello and Perlino genes and other cross information to help you determine what color your foal would likely be if bred to a Double Dilute stallion.
Why has been tested and is actually a Smoky Cream but will still be called a Perlino by the breed assiciations. Smoky Cream means he is a black based horse instead of bay based. 

Horsesmiths Farm
Gary & Leza Smith
Rt 2 Box 2131B 
Thayer MO 65791 

Phone: (417) 264-7455

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Horsesmiths Farm

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