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Spring of 08
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Why was ridden all summer and fall (2007) by Leza and did everything that was asked of him, willingly and calmly.
He was ridden alone and with other horses, including open mares. He was an absolute pleasure to ride each and every time. He competed in the Thayer Saddle Club's Ozark Cowboy race, and for a green colt, did well on most of the obstacles and completed the course just as quietly as he started it. He has been trailered in our open stock trailer with mares. He has also been ridden in a crowded arena several times. He knows when he can be a stud and when he cannot.
If he can pass on even some of his excellent temperment to his get, he is going to be an outstanding sire.

Why taking care of Leza

During the summer and fall of '08 we were riding Why but he was being difficult about it. Several folks had told us that a stud is at his very worst at 4 years old, and we just chalked it up to that. Early fall his left eye turned dark and we had him examined and it was determined that he had a growth in the eye and needed surgery to remove it. Our good horse had been telling us how uncomfortable it was for him to be asked to work faster than a walk for months and we just didn't speak horse well enough to to hear him.
He has adjusted very well to being blind on one side, we just have to remember to talk to him if we approach on that side. When leading him we still walk at his left shoulder but touch him with our free hand so he knows where we are.
We feel very lucky to have such a kind and steady minded horse.
(Fall of 09) Gary has had a "wake-up call" about his health. There are things we want to do that don't allow for morning and night feeding. With many regrets we are offering Why for sale. He's one of those horses you look a long time for and usually, don't let go of once you have them.
(Jan of 10) Why has been sold to Manuel Cabrera and will be standing for him in Ft. Worth Texas.  For live cover breeding contact Manuel @ 817-205-7643 or email him at . Manuel deals with racing QH's and also Barrel horses. He identified quite a bit of racing blood on Why's dam's side.
We will still offer frozen semen from Why to the public. If you are close, Dr. Leonard of West Plains MO can handle the breeding of your mare, if shipping the semen is necessary we can handle that also.

*2012 Breeding Fees* 
Frozen Semen fee 
For frozen shipped semen the additional chute fee is
 The above chute fee reflect's our actual costs in collecting and delivering Why's semen to you.  Should your mare not take on the first insemination we will provide a second dose also. You will get two doses but we will only provide one breeding certificate.
If you would like your mare bred by Dr. Leonard in West Plains there would be no shipping fee. You would need to discuss with Dr. Leonard any additional breeding fees from him.

Please email us if you wish to use PayPal and we will send you an invoice.


Why has 90%+ foundation breeding. Why's sire, Cheyenne is a fine working roping horse. His grand-sire, Tiffdigger was a cutting whiz, we've had more than one person tell us that "he might not have been the prettiest horse I ever saw, but he sure could cut a cow". Tiffdigger goes all the way back to Wimpy in just three generations, it doesn't get much more foundation than that, Whimpy's registration # was 0001.Why also has Thermo Sock, King Fritz, Bueno Lad, Leo and Otoe, all strong foundation lines. There is also a good dose of Doc Bar and his various get in Why's pedigree.
We've run the #'s and come up with 91.41% for Why. If your mare has any foundation lines at all, your resulting foal should also be eligible for foundation registry as well as for AQHA or APHA.
His pedigree and pics of his sire and dam are on the Pedigree page. There is also a link to for him, you can check way back in his lines and also see photos and stats on some of his ancestors. 

Why at 2 years

Why at 3 years

In some of the photos his mane and tail may seem darker than in others. That is because he has a fairly oily mane and tail and it shows the dirt more than his body does. When he is clean, freshly bathed, the mane and tail are just slightly darker than his body.